Kareem Hunt continues to find himself flashing across the news for less than admirable reasons. Although the running back’s most recent fiasco brings about less concern than his prior domestic abuse headline did, Hunt once again seems unable to stay away from actions warranting potential league discipline.

After a night out at a Cleveland Bar known as the Barley House, a TMZ video surfaced showing police questioning Hunt after an argument ensued between Hunt and a so called “friend.” Although the police took no action other than momentarily interrogating Hunt, the bar’s owner, Bobby George, later confirmed an altercation indeed took place, however the level to which situation reached remains somewhat undetermined.

Hunt still awaits his chance to begin serving the eight game suspension handed down to him after a video surfaced showing him kicking and pushing a woman outside his Cleveland home last February. That video not only brought about an investigation now forcing Hunt to miss half the upcoming season, but also lead to his release from the Chiefs last year, as Hunt reportedly lied to his team about the situation on multiple occasions, leaving them with no trust and no choice but to part ways with the young star. Hunt was also involved in an altercation with two men last summer in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, which also drew league attention.


After his release form Kansas City, the Browns extended Hunt an extremely rare second chance, as other players involved in similar situations such as the infamous Ray Rice or Josh Brown found themselves placed on an unofficial NFL “blacklist” and never played again. The Browns reportedly remain knowledgable about the situation’s details and spoke with Hunt about it at a later time. Signed to just a 1–year deal with no money guaranteed, discouraging instances though such as this reported bar altercation involving Hunt now thins out the already delicate ice he currently skates on.


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