Jorge Soler, the former Atlanta Braves outfielder and 2021 World Series MVP, is being sued by a fan who claims that she suffered “excruciating injuries” after Soler threw a baseball in the stands during Game 3 of the 2021 World Series. 

Mayra Norris and her husband are suing both the Braves organization and Soler, who is now a Miami Marlins player.

The two have filed a ten-page complaint in Cobb County, Georgia, Superior Court about two years after the incident occurred. 

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege that the baseball thrown by Soler hit Norris directly in her right eye. Injuries included multiple fractures, a right eye edema and an infra-orbital abrasion, which required surgery. Norris has received $60,000 worth of medical treatment due to the injury. 


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They also claim that the Braves organization was “negligent in failing to keep the premises safe for visitors.”

The couple contend that the defendant didn’t softly toss the ball but rather threw it overhand with a great deal of speed and force.

Soler helped the Braves to a World Series title in 2021, in which he hit .300 with three home runs and six RBIs. His performances won him the World Series MVP.

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