Following a surgery on July 27 to remove his appendix, quarterback Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals did not release an official timetable for his return. Though he still appears to be on track to play in Week 1 of the regular season, Burrow’s father, Jimmy Burrow, said that his son will likely require a few more weeks to recover.

Jimmy commented on his son’s progress on the In the Trenches podcast. He told host Dave Lepham that Joe was affected by the surgery but was making his way back to the field gradually.

“It set him back,” Jimmy said. “But he seems to be getting better everyday, and hopefully, here in a few weeks we’ll be back on the field.”

Though Joe’s father expressed optimism, he also seemed to confirm that the quarterback will miss more time than many hoped immediately following the appendectomy. The original expectation from the team and others was one to four weeks, but it has already been nearly two weeks and could take longer.

At this point, Joe’s first appearance of 2022 will likely come in the regular season, as his current recovery schedule overlaps with most of the preseason. It is doubtful, however, that this time has been taken by the quarterback in an attempt to skirt his duties on the field. The Bengals have confirmed that he returned to the facility on Aug. 1, five days after he was released from the hospital. His father noted that the difficulty has been preventing his son from rushing the healing process.

“Joe’s just got to listen to his doctors and trainers over at the facility and take it easy,” Jimmy said. “He’s not one to kind of take it easy, but he’s got to and it will be best for the long run if he makes sure he does what he’s supposed to.”

After reaching the Super Bowl last year, Burrow has firmly stepped into the role of a franchise quarterback for the Bengals. His surgery in the offseason was unexpected and may have scared fans, but it seems like he is still prepared to start in the regular season without further complications.

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