During the most recent edition of Real Sports, the crew sat down with legendary madman Jim Harbaugh. Recently, Harbaugh has been in the news after Alex Boone called the former 49ers coach “clinically insane.”

Harbaugh was always animated and it seemed he expected 110 percent everyday, which could be trying. Still, he produced wins and I would take his style over half of the other coaches in the league. But these two clips from the program make me believe that Boone was not that far off.

First off, the guy is crazily persistent. Personally, if I got rejected twice, I would be deterred. But he just took that as motivation. At the same time, the only thing I can picture from this crystal clear rejection is him slamming his house phone on the floor like it is a clipboard.

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As for the classic khaki look, did picking out outfits really take him that long? Was it really that big of an issue for him? Does this sound like the thoughts of a normal man? No, but he wins football games, which instantly makes him a millionaire.

h/t: SB Nation

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