Joe Namath has never been afraid to share his opinion. Ever since he promised the Jets’ victory over the Colts in the 1969 Super Bowl, he has held very little back.

And now, he has decided to weigh in on Deflate-gate and the resulting punishment to the Patriots and Tom Brady. If you thought the former QB, who bleeds green, would take an unnecessary shot at the New England organization, then you would be terribly wrong.

“There are other sports where rules have been breached,” Namath said to the NY Daily News. “Performance-enhancing drugs, to me, is a far worse issue, than what we’re talking about with the ball being deflated a little bit. I don’t even know that it was, mother nature does it on her own, like an automobile tire.”

However, he does agree that if the balls were purposefully emptied, then there should be a punishment. But when asked about the severeness of Brady’s punishment, he did not have a lot to say: “I don’t know the details of everything. I really don’t know.”

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Still, his point is fair. Everyone is up in arms about the Patriots, but there are worse things that could hurt the integrity of the game: just look at how the MLB monetarily capitalized on the steroid era, then bashed it less than a generation later.

Ten years from now, people will look back and realize Deflate-gate was the dumbest controversy in the history of sports.

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