Update: University of Oklahoma President David Boren has just tweeted another statement. He has expelled the two students seen leading the chant because “The chant was not only heard by those on a bus, but also impacted the entire university community.”

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After a weekend filled with scandal, it appears the fallout has begin to hit the University of Oklahoma. High school junior Jean Delance has decided to decommit from the school. And while many have pointed out that he has been wavering the last few months and his backing down from the Sooners’ offer was eventual, the racist video still played an important role.

Originally, he posted a quick Twitter post stating that he wanted to thank the Sooners organization for the offer, “but I have officially de-committed from Oklahoma University. Nothing to do with the staff or team, I’ll be reopening my recruitment.”

Following this post, he was contacted by Bob Przybylo of Sooners Illustrated and there he confirmed that the racist chant factored into his decision.

Something he further confirmed in an interview with a local news station.

Since then, has announced through his Twitter page that he has fielded offers from various schools including Alabama.

A decommittment hits Oklahoma wear it hurts, but this problem is also bigger than football and needed to be addressed quickly. Oklahoma President David Boren decided to respond swiftly and appropriately.

First and foremost, they decided to disband the SAE chapter of their university and then suspended all of their members accordingly — a further investigation could result in the students’ expulsion.

Following this statement, the SAE logo was taken down from the house and all members had to remove their items by midnight: but they did so with a police escort because many feared for these kids’ lives.

As for other reactions to the video and the president’s actions: Sooners potential recruit Dontavious Jackson told Bob Przybylo that the suspension of the Frat “let me know the whole university doesn’t think like that.”

Students are still outraged and protesting the incident: with one person even defacing the SAE’s former house with the words “tear it down.”

The University of Oklahoma has a lot of cleaning up to do: the findings of an investigation has the potential to negatively effect the football program and the campus. But it also became the latest example of the racism problem in America: something no college wants to be.

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