Appeals officer James Thrash denied Jacksonville Jaguars (3-8) running back Leonard Fournette‘s appeal of a one-game suspension this week, thus he will miss Sunday’s game against the division rival Indianapolis Colts (6-5).

Jags RB Fournette loses suspension appeal

Fournette was suspended following his ejection for fighting with Buffalo Bills defensive end Shaq Lawson on Sunday in the third quarter.

The NFL said Fournette violated its unsportsmanlike conduct and unnecessary roughness rules and will miss one game without pay.

“Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of the game and the league will not tolerate game-related misconduct that conveys a lack of respect for the game itself and those involved in it,” NFL Vice President Jon Runyan wrote in a letter to Fournette.

“Video of the incident shows that you were not a participant in the play and that you ran from your sideline to the opposite side of the field to insert yourself as an active participant in a fight. Once you entered the fight area, you struck a member of the opposing team. Your actions adversely reflected on the NFL and have no place in the game.”

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said Monday that he spoke with Fournette and the rest of the team about the fight.


“Those discussions are private, and we discussed all the personal fouls with the team,” Marrone said. “We have 22 personal fouls, which leads the league. It is something that stops us from having the opportunity to win football games. I addressed it with the team and addressed it with some players individually.”

On the play before the fight, Fournette wasn’t even on the field, which means he threw on his helmet and ran sixty yards to jump in the skirmish near the goal line.

Lawson was also ejected after the incident in Buffalo’s 24-21 win, but no discipline was announced. Lawson told reporters on Tuesday that he expects to receive a fine, which he will appeal.

Lawson told reporters Tuesday he was simply defending himself.

“At the time, how the whole situation happened, I was defending myself because he came from the sideline. So at that time, I was basically defending myself and my team, fighting for my brothers. Ain’t nobody going to let anybody in this world let a man throw a punch at you and you won’t react to it,” Lawson said, according to the Buffalo News.

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