Jacob Trouba had to defend himself once again after throwing another legal body check, as the league considers taking action.

The New York Rangers defenseman has been involved in delivering a number of big hits in the past year plus.

While many have caused ire from opposing teams’ fan bases, most of them are well within the rule book.

They just look vicious in real-time speed, given the way bodies fly after impact by the 6’3 203-pound defenseman.

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Some have, unfortunately, caused injuries.

But if we break down Trouba’s hits in slow motion – almost all of them continue to show the same theme.

He does not leave his feet before contact, shoulders and arms stay tucked in, the head is not targeted, and the point of impact is to the body.

And the hit Trouba delivered on Pittsburgh Penguins forward Alex Nylander is no different.

Once again everything stays tucked in, with the point of impact being on the chest.

That’s about as clean as it gets and Trouba had to fend off retaliation from Evgeni Malkin and Jason Zucker.

The only controversial one occurred on Penguins star Sidney Crosby in the 2022 playoffs in game five.

That one was a bit different, as Trouba lunged with an elbow and caught the head of Crosby – forcing him to miss game six with a suspected concussion.

If not intentional, the play was a bit wreckless and was one of the turning points in the series last year.

But Trouba did not receive any discipline from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, which is headed by former enforcer George Parros.

But on the Jeff Marek Show Monday, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman reported that the league could enforce referees to impose instigator rule more often to crackdown players getting challenged after throwing big hits.

So perhaps the fear of penalty minutes could stop Trouba from facing as much retaliation after he delivers a clean big hit.

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