Not only is J.J. Watt the most feared man on-the-field, he is probably one of the most likable guys off-the-field. Yesterday, during the absurdity of the NFL’s first day to sign and trade players, he thought it would be fun to make up fake trades about television and movie characters. And if you grew up in the 90s and watched sports classics like The Mighty DucksRookie of the Year and The Sandlot, you are absolutely going to love these tweets.

It all started with two little tweets from J.J. Watt.

Adam Banks is from all three Mighty Ducks films, Henry Rowengartner is the little kid with a pitching arm in Rookie of the Year,  Julius Campbell is the hitting machine from Remember the TitansBenny ‘The Jet’ Rodriguez is from The Sandlot and Jesus Shuttlesworth was made famous by Ray Allen in He Got Game.

And soon after seeing these tweets, the Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper and Watts’ former teammate and current Atlanta Falcon, T.J. Yates, began to chime in.

The movie references in order are Bull Durham, a whole lot of The Mighty DucksMajor League, Air BudNapoleon DynamiteRemember the Titans, and both the television and film versions of Friday Night Lights.

And after Harper and Yates, the Chicago Bears’ Kyle Long and the Arizona Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson decided to jump in on the fun.

And finally, the movie references for this last batch of tweets — in order — are Air BudThe WaterboyLittle GiantsThe Mighty Ducks and Remember the Titans.

Bravo guys, this completely made my night. While anyone younger than 16 may not get those references, this has to be the best string of tweets in the history of Sports on Twitter.

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