Do you remember when J.J. Watt attempted a 61-inch box jump and horribly failed? The athlete’s spotter was like a fly on a windshield, splattered on the gym’s floor as the nearly 300-pound defensive end came crumbling down on him.  It was the most interesting thing to see him fail because everyone assumed Watt was Kryptonian or superhuman.

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Well, he just attempted the feat for a second time. And this time, he pulled off the jump with relative ease, shattering his own personal record. However, the most interesting part is not the confirmation of his super human strength, it is the comment the athlete makes at the end: “It must have been the shoes baby.”

So doing this amazing physical accomplishment is his way of announcing his new endorsement deal with Reebok, a company that somehow pulled him away from Nike. Reebok later posted a longer version of the video on their YouTube channel.

Reebok is using J.J. Watt as a the spokesperson for their “Be more human” campaign, which cannot be any more ironic. But they have their reasoning.

“For Reebok, J.J. perfectly represents what it means to ‘Be More Human’ as he challenges himself to reach the absolute limits of what is possible,” says Reebok US vice president Chris Waldeck in the company’s press release. “We saw him fail his first attempt at a 5′ 1″ box jump, and we saw him try again until he accomplished it. That simple act — trying, failing, and trying again — locked it in for us. Being a better human isn’t about constantly setting records: it’s about working hard to become the best version of yourself.”

No word on how much money they signed the athlete to: if Watt’s Texans contract is any indication — six years with $52 million guaranteed — then it was probably for a boatload of cash.

Other athletes currently signed to Reebok are Ronda RouseyJon JonesAnthony Pettis and CrossFit star Rich Froning.

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