As the MLB prepares to start its 2020 season later this month, numerous teams have begun holding practices at their facilities. With this came many players practicing proper measures because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This included social distancing and wearing masks. An image of Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout wearing a mask went viral over the weekend.

After an image of Trout running the bases while wearing a mask came to light, Trout’s mother Debbie Trout shared a message on social media in which she said, “If Mike Trout can wear a mask while running the bases, you can wear a mask going out in public. #WearAMask.”

The post comes as numerous states across the United States have seen an increase in positive cases for COVID-19, as well as numerous photos coming to light of people celebrating the July 4 holiday not socially distancing or wearing masks. 

With sports slowly starting to come back one of the biggest concerns among fans has been what will happen if there are numerous positive cases among players for the virus during the season.

Trout himself, despite the MLB season just a few weeks away, has not fully committed to playing in 2020 as he and his wife are expecting their first child soon.

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