James Harden may have left the Houston Rockets on bad terms, but that has not stopped his love for the city.

The All-Star forced a trade from the Rockets after giving up on the team during the preseason. This led to the guard being traded in a blockbuster deal to the Brooklyn Nets. Despite having left the organization on bad terms, that did not mean he did not love Houston as a city.

During the post-game conference following Brooklyn’s win over the Clippers on Sunday, the All-Star revealed that he is helping Houston with the ongoing situation. “I’m on phone calls literally every day, all day, trying to impact the city, because they’ve shown me so much love and respect in the time that I was there,” Harden told reporters about his efforts to help people in Houston.

Houston has been devastated in the aftermath of winter storms that have hit Texas. As a result, multiple people are without power or water within the state. Harden took initiative and donated 3,000 meals to the people in Houston. Harden is using his unopened restaurant as a site to donate food and provide water to people. In addition, the All-Star has told reporters that he had conversations with Houston mayor Sylvester Turner about more ways he could help the city and people.


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