Former MLB pitcher Jose Capellan died after being found unresponsive last night in his Philadelphian home. While the coroners have not released the exact cause of death, it is believed to be a heart attack, according to ESPN Deportes.

“Apparently it was a heart attack, [according to] the paramedics who responded to the emergency call,” Patricia Capellan, Jose’s wife, told ESPN Deportes. “I was working when I received a call telling me that Jose was dead. I could not believe it. He was alone in the house.”

“When I got home, the police were already there,” Patricia continued. “They asked me if he used any other medication because there was indications that his heart could not resist anymore. Jose had no love problems or other problems, such as have been speculating on social networks. He didn’t drink alcohol, but had lost control in the use of sleeping pills.”

She would further talk about her husband in a radio interview with ESPN Deportes. There she claimed that he had a bout with prescription sleeping drugs over the last five years and got treatment through the MLB’s program. She also wanted to reiterate that he did not commit suicide.

In five years in the MLB, he played for four different teams: the Atlanta Braves, Milwauke Brewers, Detroit Tigers and Colorado Rockies. Throughout that time he pitched in 99 games with an ERA of 4.89, a record of 5-7 and 98 strikeouts. He also played in Korea and the Dominican Republic Winter League.

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