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Floyd Mayweather Slams Oscar De La Hoya For Drag Photos Full view

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Slams Oscar De La Hoya For Drag Photos

Boxers Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya have been exchanging harsh words upon another for almost a decade. It all started when they fought in 2007 and Mayweather won the match by a split decision against De La Hoya.

Back in November, De La Hoya penned an open letter to Mayweather in Playboy Magazine showing pity on Mayweather. De La Hoya went on to call him a boring fighter and a boxer that likes to run away. Mayweather later responded to the letter by stating that, “Everything I do goes viral,” and that the comments by De La Hoya should be blamed on “jealousy” and “drugs.”

On Saturday night after attending the Danny Garcia/Robert Guerrero fight, he granted an interview with Fight Hype. During a part of the interview where he expressed gratitude for the trainers he has worked with, he landed a real low blow aimed at De La Hoya. “It’s good to work with guys like Richard Schaefer and Al Haymon, guys that’s drug free, guys that wear suits, guys that dress like men,” he said. “Of course, you know I’m sending shots at Oscar De La Hoya. I’m always sending shots at him because I don’t respect a man that dress in drag.”

The comment refer to an incident when De La Hoya was photographed wearing drag clothes though he publicly denied that those pictures were real. He finally came out four years ago to say that the pictures were real and that he was thinking about ending his own life. He since has said he wants to put the whole incident behind him.

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Written by Ryan Kappy