Normally, a game between Jacksonville State and Jacksonville University doesn’t make the news. In 2017, the College World Series drew 1,945,000 viewers. Compare that to the 2016 World Series, which drew 115 million viewers and you’ll understand how small of a following college baseball has. But that doesn’t mean it can’t produce headlines.

Osprey & Eagle Fight Over Fish In Baseball Game

On Saturday, the all-Jacksonville matchup produced a fish out of thin air. In the top of the eighth inning with two outs, an osprey flew into Jacksonville’s John Sessions Stadium. Then, a bald eagle gave chase and tried to get the osprey to drop the fish it had in its claws. The osprey let the fish fly and disappeared in the distance. The eagle wasn’t as keen on letting the fish go and began to circle over the players. But before it got its meal, a Jacksonville player ran out onto the field and snatched the fish up in a towel.

NCAA Baseball tweeted out a video of the spectacle, writing:”A moment to be marked in baseball history forever!  An Osprey with a fish in his claws, was threatened by a pursuing bald eagle, causing the osprey to drop the fish behind second base. The fish was recovered by a Dolphin and removed from the field.”

It’s also a decent play-call. Here’s the video below:


At the end of the game, Jacksonville won 5-2 and took the series with a sweep the next day.  There was no report of what happened to the fish. In six games this season, the team is 3-3.

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