The New York Giants drafted Daniel Jones with their first pick during this year’s NFL draft. Although Jones’s less impressive talents for a sixth overall pick warranted excessive backlash from the New York media, the former Duke quarterback has youth on his side, unlike the team’s current starting quarterback from last year, Eli Manning.

With his age, Manning’s skills continue to deteriorate, as his 5,000 yard and 30+ touchdown seasons exist only as a distant memory. Although Manning perhaps stands as arguably the greatest Giants player ever with 2 Super Bowl MVPs under his belt, calls for his retirement continue to multiply with the team struggling and moving on from other players such as Odell Beckham Jrand Landon Collins.

However, Manning put to bed any rumors mentioning a possible retirement before next season this week.  “I’m not rushing into my retirement, and Peyton’s not telling me to rush into it,” said Manning. Last year Manning threw for a respectable 4,299 yards but only added 21 touchdowns. Manning also enjoyed an overlooked, career high 66 completion percentage. However, the Giants missed the playoffs once again last year after winning just five games while losing 11.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman commented earlier this year when asked about New York’s quarterback situation, illustrating a possible situation that includes Jones serving as an understudy behind Manning for up to .three years, rather than taking the helm from Manning now.

Speculation aside, Manning continues to act professionally, as he has during his entire tenure as a Giant. Manning also mentioned his ongoing pleasure playing football in New York and plans to enjoy his career’s closing chapters as he stated, “I’ve been blessed going into my 16th year. That’s been a blessing in itself. I love what I’m doing. I love the work that goes into it. You never know when it’s going to be your last year or when it’s going to be the end for you, so you try to take advantage of the years you’re here and enjoy every moment.”


Manning remains listed as the Giants starter ahead his next season, which the Giants kick off week one against the Dallas Cowboys on September 8.

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