It has not been a great season for both the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz. The Eagles are at three wins, seven losses and one tie. While Wentz is struggling this season to find form.

Eagles quarterback Wentz is at the lowest point in his career right now. He has been struggling to find his form, and it has impacted the team. Wentz is currently experiencing his worst career numbers. He leads the league in interceptions among quarterbacks with 15. He also leads in sacks with 46, 31st in completion with only 58%, and 30th in yard attempts with 6.02.

Wentz has recognized his struggles and owned up his responsibility to the team. The quarterback admitted it to the team when he addressed them. Doing so has had a positive outlook as the team took it well. Veteran defensive end Brandon Graham said, “The first step is admitting where you’re bad at, and that’s what I love that Carson did. When we talked to the team, he knew he had to own some of the stuff that he’s been doing, and he let us know that he’s working his butt off to make sure that he starts doing a lot of stuff better. And that’s all people want to hear is for you to take ownership of yours and we can move on. That’s how you build relationships: taking ownership of what you do.”

Coach Doug Pederson added his thoughts about Wentz. “He understands that he needs to play better. And for him to stand up and take ownership with the team and quite frankly show vulnerability I think is a sign of growth in any player, and we’ve had several players do that this week,” Pederson said. “It just shows that our young players — and I still consider Carson in that young [category], only five years in is still relatively young in this league — that they’re showing signs of maturity and growth and leadership ability, especially from your quarterback.”

As Philadelphia struggles this season, Pederson has given some playcalling responsibilities to his assistant coaches in an attempt to improve their offense. Pederson said, “If I’m going to be part of the solution to our offensive woes, then I’m going to be part of the solution, whatever that takes and whatever that looks like, whether that be elements of the game plan, calling plays or whatever it might be in-game. But ultimately these are my decisions as we move forward.”

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