Former NFL quarterback and Fox Sports analyst Donovan McNabb was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence on June 28. This is the second time he has been arrested for a DUI in the last 18 months.

Donovan McNabb Arrested For DUI

The incident took place on June 28 near his Arizona home, where he supposedly left a sports bar and got into an accident. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but he did rear end the car of a Gila River police officer’s spouse. Afterwards, he reportedly failed a myriad of sobriety tests, resulting in him being brought to the station and booked. The police also stated that a blood sample was taken, however, the results have not been released.

“There was a story that was released and I want everybody to be cognizant of it, because I am very aware of it, handling the matter at this particular point,” McNabb stated. “But at this point, I have no further information. And as we continue on with the situation, then we’ll let it handle as it will handle itself.”

His first DUI, back in December 2013, resulted in him pleading guilty in April 2014, spending a day in jail, paying a $1,500 fine and entering a treatment program. It is very possible that this second offense could garner a bigger punishment.

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McNabb was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999 with the second overall pick. He played for the NFC East team for eleven seasons, taking them to a Super Bowl in 2004 — they lost to the Pats 24-21. Throughout that time, he threw for 37,276 yards, 234 touchdowns, 117 interceptions and had a completion percentage of 59 percent.

Following the 2009 season, he was traded to Washington for a second round pick, but things did not work out in the nation’s capital, as he constantly clashed with veteran head coach Michael Shanahan. He would later be traded to the Minnesota Vikings for the 2011 season, where he would eventually be released by December.

He retired a member of the Eagles in July 2013.

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