During Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles, David Ortiz had a little bit of a run-in with the umpires.  Papi has had his fair share of arguments with officiating crews, but it looks like his latest could result in him missing a game and losing some money.

In the fifth inning, Papi was facing  Miguel Gonzalez with a 1-1 count. Initially, it looked like Ortiz was fooled by Gonzalez’s breaking ball, however, the replay showed him checking his swing. Either way, the call was certainly close, but third-base umpire Jerry Meals saw enough to call it a strike.

After the call, Ortiz threw his bat down in anger and begin to yell towards third-base. John Tumpane, the home plate umpire, seemed to have enough and quickly threw the longtime Red Sox out of the game.


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This was when Ortiz exploded, getting into the face of Tumpane, which is where David made incidental contact with him. Out of all things, the league office takes contact with an ump, accidental or not, very serious.

Eventually, Sox manager, John Farrell, got in between the two, resulting in Papi throwing his bat and helmet in disgust before walking into the dugout.

And yesterday, his penalty was finally released. “Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz has received a one-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for making contact with Umpire John Tumpane,” stated Joe Garagiola, Jr., Senior Vice President of Standards & On-Field Operations for MLB.

Ortiz, who has been actively criticizing the game’s new batter’s box rule, is currently appealing the MLB’s decision. In the video, it is really hard to tell if the DH actually made contact, however, it may be close enough for the league to uphold their decision.

The Red Sox ended up losing the game 8-3, but are currently in first place of the AL East. As for Ortiz, he has been struggling, batting .205 with two home runs and four RBIs.

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