Chris Rock recently made a video about why baseball is losing popularity. And one of his key reasons was that baseball is currently stuck in the past. And yesterday’s Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins game put that message on full display.

Cubs’ Junior Lake Starts Scuffle With Marlins

There are a few unwritten rules of the MLB. For instance, after hitting a home run, the player should not flick their bat excessively, show up the pitcher, take his time around the bases and/or trash talk the opposing team’s bench.

And the dugouts police themselves when it comes to these matters. If you do this expect to get a fast ball thrown at you or, if the team is feeling really feisty, the benches clear resulting in a brawl.

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Well, when Chicago Cubs’ Junior Lake hit a two-run homer, finally putting his team on the board, he decided to flick his bat, trot around the bases and then trash talk the Miami Marlins’ bench.

And the scuffle started when Marlins’ catcher J. T. Realmuto said something to Junior as he crossed home plate. As a result, Lake went off as he had to be held back by teammate Anthony Rizzo. This, of course, resulted in both dugouts clearing as well as the bullpens.

But in the end, nothing happened as the two teams went their separate ways and finished the game. The Marlins ended up winning the game 7-3 and took the series 2-1.

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