Veteran forward Chris Bosh is determined to play in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. His team, the Miami Heat, defeated the Toronto Raptors 102-96 in overtime in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series at the Air Canada Centre Tuesday night.

Chris Bosh Wants Players’ Union To Force Heat To Let Him Play

Bosh has actually grown so frustrated with the Heat’s refusal to let him play that he has reportedly turned to the players’ union for support.

On his EPSN Radio show Tuesday morning, Dan Le Batard discussed the disagreement between Bosh and the Heat. Although the 32-year-old forward and 11-time All-Star is eager to play, Miami’s team doctors have not yet cleared him due to his blood clot condition, which arose in February.

“It’s a super unusual situation,” Le Batard said, as transcribed by Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. “I can’t think of a lot of instances where a sports organization is acting in what appears to be the best interest of the player over their own interests and against the will of the player. From the people I’m talking to, Chris Bosh wants back on the court and now, and the Heat on medical advice are saying absolutely not. They badly want to get to an Eastern Conference Finals against LeBron and they are telling him, ‘No, you cannot work.’”

Doctors have reportedly warned Bosh that a recurrence of blood clots could be very dangerous, no matter how symptom-free he feels. According to Le Batard, only one doctor has so far been willing to clear Bosh, while the others have stated a resounding ‘no.’

Le Batard also added he believes the situation could potentially become even more severe.

“Now I’m hearing the Boshs want so badly on the court that they’re trying to get the union involved,” he said. “They found a doctor who might be willing to clear him … For some reason, he thinks he’s good to go and I think it’s because he’s not showing the symptoms he showed the first time.”

It became clear Bosh was unhappy after his wife Adrienne tweeted the following just last week:

The National Basketball Players’ Association (NBPA) also released a statement on Bosh’s situation:

“Our top priority is Chris’ health and well-being. We have spoken with Chris and his agent, and have reached out to the Miami Heat. We are hopeful that all parties involved can meet as soon as possible to resolve the situation,” the statement read.

Bosh’s presence on the roster will surely give the Heat a significantly higher chance at winning the playoffs, but one can’t blame the team for taking precautions.

Bosh played 53 games this season, averaging 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds.

Caption: DALLAS, TX – FEBRUARY 03: Chris Bosh #1 of the Miami Heat takes a shot against J.J. Barea #5 of the Dallas Mavericks in the first half at American Airlines Center on February 3, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.

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