The Chicago Bears surprised many on day 1 of Thursday’s draft by moving up nine spots. The Bears did so by trading for the New York Giants’ draft pick. The Bears sent their next two first-round picks and their No. 20 pick to the Giants in exchange for the No. 11 pick.

With the No. 11 pick, Chicago drafted Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Bears general manager Ryan Price was excited when Fields dropped in the draft. “We had multiple plans tonight, and the way the board was falling, we got excited when the quarterbacks came off that way, and Justin continued to fall,” Pace said. “For us, it was just executing our plan at the right spot in the draft and being patient with that, which sometimes can be difficult.”

“Fortunately, with the Giants, I’ve known Dave Gettleman for 20 years,” Pace explained. “He’s an amazing person and amazing general manager, and we go way back so, that communication started really this morning about something like that happening, and when we were able to execute it in the draft, I just feel really fortunate.”

One issue that many fans are wondering is how will this impact Andy Dalton? The Bears signed Dalton to a one-year deal worth $10 million, and the team declared him as “QB1.”

However, with the newly drafted quarterback joining the team, Dalton’s starting job could be jeopardized. Bears coach Matt Nagy contacted Dalton and reassured him that he will be the quarterback.

The newly drafted Fields feels like he is what the team needs.

“I think I fit perfectly [with what Nagy wants at quarterback],” Fields said. “If he didn’t think I fit well [the Bears] wouldn’t have traded up.” The former Ohio State quarterback explained to reporters the qualities he has that the team needs. “You know, just the way I carry myself, just the way I care about the game, the grit I have, the determination I have to be great,” Fields told reporters. “I think nobody has the story that I have. So just everything inside of me, just wanting to be a great quarterback, wanting to be a franchise quarterback.”

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