Obviously, when a team wins big — like Toledo’s 63-44 victory over Arkansas State at the Go Daddy Bowl — there will be an awful lot of celebrations. Well as past events have clearly shown, sometimes excessive high-fiving could lead to some problems.

Probably the greatest examples of the worst celebrations in the history of sports are QB Gus Frerotte giving himself a concussion after headbutting the wall and kicker Bill Gramatica tearing his ACL while jumping in response to a made kick. However, while this one does not live up to the infamy of those two knuckle headed moves, it is simply funny to watch.

After making a nice tackle on a kickoff, Toledo player John Stepec started to headbutt teammates in celebration; however, when he unloaded his fury on defensive tackle Treyvon Hester, the big man stumbled back and hit the ground. No clue if this was a part of the celebratory activities, but at first glance Hester looks genuinely dazed from Stepec’s helmet contact. Either way, it gets funnier and funnier every time you watch it.

h/t: The Big Lead

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