James Harden will not be traded to the Brooklyn Nets – yet.

After various rumors surfaced on Twitter that the Houston Rockets and the Brooklyn Nets. These rumors were then fueled even more after Anthony Puccio tweeted that the two teams have reached a verbal agreement for Harden.

This was then disputed when ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said that the two teams did not get far in their trading talks. On Wednesday, Wojnarowski said on ESPN’s Get UP! that “the initial contact was not very substantive, so I think for the Rockets, they’re not moving very quickly or at all toward Brooklyn.”

Harden has been with the Rockets since being traded to the team in 2012. Harden had become an eight-time all-star, won the MVP, and has three scoring titles with the team. Harden had asked to be traded from the team earlier this week. The shooting guard has preferred to be traded to Brooklyn or to Philadelphia.

However, Houston currently has better leverage over Harden since his trade request. Harden still has two years left on his contract with the team. The Rockets could wait out for a good offer since they have time on their side. Waiting for a good offer does allow the Rockets time to see if they could convince Harden to stay with the team.

Wojnarowski said, “If they are to trade James Harden, they’re trying to set the tone in the marketplace for a massive return — a great young player, multiple first-round picks.”

The Rockets could receive what they want because of a recent trade where the Milwaukee Bucks gave up three first-round picks, Eric Bledsoe and George Hill for Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans.

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