Jonathon Lucroy and Jake Marisnick both now face delays ahead the MLB’s second half after the two collided last Sunday when Marisnick’s Astros took on Lucroy’s Los Angeles Angels. Looking to score, Marisnick ran straight into Lucroy, who awaited a throw home to plate before Marisnick steamrolled into him. Although the collision stands responsible for each player’s momentary absence, alternative reasons sideline each player. Marisnick received a two–game suspension after the incident, Lucroy received an ticket to the hospital as he’s expected to miss some time after the collision left him with a broken nose and concussion.

Although the league painted Marisnick as the villain after the game by claiming he violated the MLB’s home plate collision rule and then suspending him, Marisnick appeared apologetic both right after the hit and during the following days. Immediately after the play, Marisnick joined other concerned Angels players around Lucroy who remained on the ground and bleeding until the medical staff arrived.

After the game, Marisnick spoke on the matter. “I watched the play again and it looks — he just drops right in front of me and once I kind of made a decision, it was too late,” he said. “It was a bad play and I hope he’s ok.” Marisnick spoke again during his first suspended game on Thursday as he commented, “I’ve seen a lot of takes on it, and obviously everybody has their own opinion. But I know deep down in my heart that I had no intent to hurt, or make contact, with him.”


Despite Marisnick’s self–proclaimed innocence, other players around the league such as fan favorite St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina who called the the incident a “bulls––t play.” Angels manager voiced his opinions as well as he simply stated, “it certainly didn’t look like a clean play.” Not too long ago, hits such as this occurred frequently as simply “a part of the game.” However, in 2014 the league added new rules aiming to protect catchers from accidents such as this.


The time in which Lucroy’s injuries plan to keep the Angels without his services remains undetermined at the time. Los Angeles currently sits 6.5 games behind the second American League wild card spot as the season’s second phase now commences. Meanwhile, the Astros continue to push towards another American League Central crown, already totaling 57 wins so far this season.

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