FC Barcelona star Antoine Griezmann clarified his situation with his teammate Lionel Messi in an interview with Movistar. 

Griezmann’s relationship with Messi was rumored to be strained on and off the pitch. Also, Griezmann’s former agent Eric Olhats and uncle further ignited their rumored feud.

Olhats claimed that “Antoine arrived at a club with serious problems where Messi controls everything. He is both emperor and monarch and did not see Antoine’s arrival with good eyes.

Griezmann’s uncle Emmanuel Lopes also said something similar, that his nephew struggled to succeed in the club and that having Messi around is not easy. When asked about Lopes’ comments, Messi responded, “I am tired of always being the problem of everything inside the club.” 

After this long controversy, Griezmann sat down to clarify his relationship with the Argentine football legend. He claims that his relationship with Messi is good, denying all rumors of a rift. 

Griezmann claimed that “I spoke with Leo when I arrived and he told me that it screwed him when I refused to go the first time, because he had made public comments and that in the end I said no, but that we were on the same team and that he was going to death with me and it’s what I notice and feel every day.” He is referring to his failed move from Atletico Madrid to FC Barcelona a few years back. Griezmann then sealed a move to the Catalan club a year later. 

Griezmann refuted his former agents’ and uncle’s claims on his relationship with Messi. He claimed that he no longer speaks with his former agent Olhats and that his uncle “does not know how football works.” 

Also, Griezmann discussed his underperformance at the club since his arrival and claimed that playing under three different coaches made it difficult for him.

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