The Minnesota Timberwolves is a team that has full-heartedly embraced social media and maintains one of the funnier NBA team pages on Twitter.

And in one of their tweets yesterday, they shared a yearbook photo of Andrew Wiggins, courtesy of the NBA Reddit page. For those who do not know, Wiggins was the first round selection of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but was quickly shipped out to Minnesota in the Kevin Love trade.

Now, in this eighth grade yearbook, it lists his dream job as a “NBA player” — good prediction — and his nicknames as “Junior Jordan” and “The Prospect.” But the best piece of information comes from the most memorable middle school moments section: “Doing a windmill dunk for the first time [and] setting a record for track at regionals.” The former is just casually brought up as if it is normal a 13-year-old boy did what a lot of NBA players could not.

One can only assume he was always destined for great things. You can next see Andrew Wiggins and the struggling Minnesota Timberwolves tonight as they take on the Phoenix Suns.

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