While it is highly unlikely that there will be any more college football played in 2020, the ACC board of directors voted on Wednesday on reducing the number of games for the conference to 11, the first of which is currently scheduled to be played on September 12 if public health guidelines allow it.


With the fall and the return to school slowly approaching, the NCAA and independent conferences within the association have been hesitant to call off their seasons or at least delay them, despite the fact that it does not seem feasible to have any sort of collegiate sports this fall when most schools will be at a highly reduced capacity. ACC commissioner John Swofford said in a statement, “Today’s decision was made after months of thoughtful planning by numerous individuals throughout the conference. The Board’s decision presents a path, if public health guidance allows, to move forward with competition. Our institutions are committed to taking the necessary measures to facilitate the return in a safe and responsible manner. We recognize that we may need to be nimble and make adjustments in the future. We will be as prepared as possible should that need arise.”

It is likely that adjustments will need to be made and this appears to be a momentary stop-gap until the state of COVID-19 in this country forces the ACC and the NCCAA’s hands into something more drastic.

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