The XFL season is in full-swing, but most football pundits have their eyes glued to the NFL’s free agency. Free agents like Amari Cooper and Drew Brees will be on the free agent wire this offseason, but the real question on everyone’s minds revolves around where Tom Brady will end up.

Mostly every sports fan knew that Brady’s contact with the Patriots would end this season. He’s been the starter in Foxborough since 2001, so at one point it was almost safe to assume that  Brady would spend his whole career there. However, Brady is a free agent and that’s not going to stop teams from chasing down the legendary, six-time winning Super Bowl champion. The Las Vegas Raiders have been rumored to offer Brady a two-year, $60 million deal, if he chooses to accept.


If Brady joins Vegas’ roster, he will be joining a 7-9 team that has missed the playoffs for three consecutive years. For reference, Brady only missed one playoff, and that was his sophomore season back in 2002. It’s worth noting that the NFL does not have ‘max-contact’ options, like the NBA. Therefore, Las Vegas and other teams can open their bank accounts to the 42 year-old. Las Vegas and other teams will be allowed to talk to free agents on March 18.

New England fans and players have all chipped in their ‘two cents’ about where Brady should end up going. Surprise, they want him to stay in New England!

Julian Edelman may even seem too excited to see his best buddy and all-star quarterback play another year in New England. The pair were seen at a Syracuse Orange basketball game on February 29.


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