On Kentucky Wildcats TV, the all-access channel for Kentucky sports, they decided to do a piece about how the basketball team spends their down time. Now, it may sound odd to most, but the close crew play Super Smash Bros. for the N64.

Let’s remind the audience that the N64 was released in 1996 and this specific game was not given to the public until 1999, meaning most of these athletes were babies when the system first came out. So for them to find enjoyment out of the N64, an extremely old platform, is incredibly awesome.

The best part is watching how competitive they all get, with them bickering and trash talking each other over the game. Now, as a recent college grad this is amazing because I spent a good portion of my time with the GoldeneyeNFL Blitz and even Super Smash Bros. cartridges. It is cool that arguably one of the best college basketball teams ever uses the same system for cathartic reasons.


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