The Boston Red Sox started off the 2019 Major League Baseball season with a horrific record. It came out of nowhere, surprising fans and athletes alike. But recently they’ve turned it around, climbing three games over .500.

Of course, president Donald Trump is taking credit for their comeback that happened to take place after the Red Sox visited the White House on May 9.

Trump wrote about the turnaround: “Has anyone noticed that all the Boston @RedSox have done is WIN since coming to the White House! Others also have done very well. The White House visit is becoming the opposite of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated! By the way, the Boston players were GREAT guys!”

However, that’s not to say that they turned it around after the White House visit. In their last ten games, Boston has won eight of them, going back to before the visit. This weekend, they swept the Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park, scoring 34 runs in the three-game series including 14 runs in the opening game. Since April 18, the defending champs have gone 16-6 after starting the season with a 6-13 record.


The May 9 White House visit lacked a handful of prominent team members. A number of players, as well as manager Alex Cora, who is from Puerto Rico and has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration’s handling of hurricane relief efforts, did not attend. White House visits have become highly politicized since Trump has taken office. The Golden State Warriors skipped the White House visit in 2018 and instead met with former president Barack Obama.  

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