Tom Brady’s appeal of his four-game suspension for his role in Deflate-gate took a reported ten hours.

Tom Brady’s Deflate-Gate Appeal

At this point, everyone must be sick of Deflate-gate – the case over deflated footballs used by the New England Patriots during the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. The pointless cheating scandal that simply will not go away, it should finally end with Roger Goodell’s decision.

But the appeal process still took a ridiculous ten hours. This was mainly due to an innumerable number of witnesses, which both the defense and prosecution called to testify. In fact, the defense, which included an under oath testimony by Tom Brady, were given a time limit of four hours to present their case.

And supposedly it went well for the Pats QB. “Tom Brady’s greatest ally today was Tom Brady,” a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Another person called it “an A-plus performance.” Even his attorney Jeffrey Kessler was happy with their presentation: “I think we put in a very compelling case.”

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Basically, the defense attacked the scientific findings of the independent research, how the Ted Wells’ report did not definitively show Brady as guilty and how the punishment is extremely harsher than those for similar violations, according to ESPN.

Still, there is no word on when Goodell will make his decision, but it will probably happen as soon as possible, which is unlike Greg Hardy’s appeal that happened on May 28 and has yet to be decided. On the other side, Robert Kraft, owner of the Pats, decided not to appeal the punishment of $1 million, a first round 2016 pick and a fourth round 2017 pick. He thought prolonging the scandal with proceedings would only hurt the NFL’s collective image.

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