Before unretiring and heading back to Tampa, rumors swirled that Tom Brady was set to take snaps for another Florida NFL team: the Miami Dolphins.

Many dismissed the rumors as nonsense, but it was closer to fruition than many realize. Details have trickled out—and they do not disappoint.

According to Pro Football Talk, the troubled ‘phins were planning to bring Brady on not only as their quarterback but also as a minority owner of the team. The plan was to make him a minority owner and work out a trade with the Bucs so that he could suit up in Miami.

The team was then going to bring in Sean Payton as coach, which would also require a trade, the report said. However, things hit a snag when Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the team.

For someone who went 20 years in New England without many—if any—scandals, Brady sure seems to be in the news a lot these days.

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