There are a number of new allegations are swirling around Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson. Along with the new allegations and lawsuits filed against Watson, an investigation conducted by The New York Times, found that there are new details regarding Watson’s massage sessions and the previous lawsuits that contradicts the evidence that Watson and his legal team have provided.

The investigation found that Watson had been seeing a number as many as 66 massage therapists in a 17-month span between 2019 and 2021. This contradicts Watson’s claim of only about 40 therapists. New details also came to light that Watson would also secure non-disclosure agreements provided by Brent Naccara, Texans’ director of security and former Secret Service agent. These NDAs were brought to meetings with massage therapists. One of the claimants, Nia Smith, posted on social media text exchanges between Watson and herself, along with CashApp receipts.

Another woman, who had arranged a massage with Watson said that he repeatedly pushed for sexual acts during their sessions, and would continue to do this until “I specifically had to say, ‘No, I can’t do that.'”

One of the more shocking revelations of the investigation was that Watson would use hotel rooms provided by the Houston Texans organization for his massage sessions. Watson reached out to one therapist claiming he was “just tryna support black businesses.”

This was similar to other women who had been involved in massage sessions with him. Watson offered to meet at The Houstonian, a hotel where the Texans had arranged a membership for him. Watson told the woman that the “Texans were not aware, ‘that I know of,’ that he used the hotel for massages.” According to the report, Watson had seen at least seven other women at this hotel.

The NFL still has not released a statement regarding the new allegations nor have they reached a verdict on whether or not Watson will be disciplined by the NFL. It is unclear whether this new information will be a factor in his impending discipline.

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