UPDATE: According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the NFL has informed the Detroit Lions that Ndamukong Suh will be suspended for this week’s wild-card playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. Suh will be appealing the suspension, which will be heard by Ted Cottrell.

Was Ndamukong Suh’s leg stomp on Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers intentional? That is the latest debate facing Suh, who many consider the dirtiest player in the NFL. And while the stomp was more like a step on Rodgers’ ankle, the way the star defensive tackle leans back on the ankle suggests that it was on purpose.

In all honesty, the first step looks accidental, but the second step appeared to have intent: as if Suh knew directly what he was doing. But remember this is solely speculation and most likely the Detroit Lions star will proclaim his innocence — to limit the extent of the fines and suspensions.

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But this is not the first time Suh is in hot water over his actions on the field. During the 2011 Thanksgiving game, the Defensive Tackle was ejected for slamming the Packers’ Evan Dietrich-Smith’s head into the ground and then stomping on his arm.  He eventually received a two game suspension without pay.

On top of this, he was fined $30,000 for his action during the 2012 Thanksgiving game against the Houston Texans. Here, Suh clearly kicks Texans QB Matt Schaub in his private region, but was not suspended for the incident.

Basically, was the Suh stomp on Aaron Rodgers intentional? Who knows, but his multitude of fines — which have totaled over $200,000 — likely means this will not be the last time uSports is talking about Ndamukong Suh.

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