The NFL draft is coming up on the horizon, and that means that any last-minute draft trades could come up.

The latest trade that made a buzz was a deleted tweet by the Los Angeles Chargers. In a deleted tweet, the Chargers announced that they had agreed to a trade with the New York Giants ahead of the draft. The deleted tweet announced that the Chargers are receiving the Giants’ 11th pick in exchange for the 13th pick and a 2021 third-round pick.

The deleted tweet made rounds as multiple outlets and reporters reported on the tweet. However, it was then revealed to be a photoshopped tweet. Companies like Pro Football Focus, who are dedicated to providing stat analysis to the NFL, NCAA, and networks such as NBC, FOX, CBS, ESPN and NFL Network were fooled. When it was revealed to be a doctored tweet, PFF just posted a screenshot of themselves reporting the photoshop and captioned it with, “Posted and deleted by PFF.”

While the photoshopped tweet fooled many on Twitter, does it have any merit? Well, it does not because Giants general manager David Gettleman does not trade back. Last week, Gettleman talked about how in his last eight drafts, he never traded back. “You guys don’t believe me: I’ve tried in the past!” Gettleman said. “Honest. I’ve tried to trade back, but there’s gotta be the value I’m not getting fleeced… I refuse to do it and if somebody wants to make a bad trade back, God bless ‘em.”

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