As many know, world-famous ESPN anchor Stuart Scott passed away Sunday at the age of 49. Simply, all those who grew up watching sports and ESPN, knew the name.

And since, plenty of words have been used to describe the famous anchor’s legacy — trailblazer, innovator and vernacular genius — but limiting Scott’s influence to a few words would be severely undercutting his input on the sports world. Yes, everyone remembers Chris Berman’s wacky sounds, but I will never forget Scott’s insatiable personality and catch phrases: “Boo-yah” and as “cool as the other side of the pillow” will forever echo throughout the hallways of ESPN.

So in this time of great sadness, athletes and TV personalities have come together to share their stories about Scott and honor his legend. And as a result, here are a few of the best tales, quotes and everything else that will certainly remind the world the great talent that was just lost.


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But perhaps some of the saddest tributes have come from his ESPN co-workers: Rich Eisen, Hannah Storm, Keith Olbermann and Scott Van Pelt remember their time with Scott and how their lives were forever changed by meeting him.

Even Jon Stewart on his post-holidays return honored Scott in his “Moment of Zen.”

It is quite obvious that Scott was more than an anchor or a personality, he was a friend to all of these aforementioned individuals. That is why Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and even Kevin Durant — who, as the feature photo shows, wrote Scott’s name on his sneakers last night — have all gone out of their way to remember him. And instead of focusing on the sad fact that he is no longer with us, uSports wants to remember him for what he did and the symbol of survival he eventually became.

So as a final farewell to the legend, lets take a look at his courageous speech at last year’s ESPY awards.

Goodbye Stuart Scott, you will be missed.

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