Alabama head coach Nick Saban has a knack for making his press conferences both boring and can’t miss entertainment. For an example of that, look no further than his Cotton Bowl presser.

Saban generally avoided giving any insightful answers, which was no surprise when he explained that he learned the tactic from the master of saying nothing, Bill Belichick.

“I really do have a really grand appreciation for the media and what they do because it creates a tremendous amount of interest in college football, a lot of positive reinforcement for players who do a great job,” Saban said. “Even though sometimes I maybe put on a front to try to protect our organization, our team, the people involved on our team — I’m talking about coaches, players, everybody in the organization — I learned from Bill Belichick a long time ago you don’t want to give too much information out about anything, so sometimes I think that comes off as a lack of appreciation. But, really, I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for what everyone here does for college football in promoting the game as well as the players who play it.”

But, in the same conference, his face contorted into just one of the most genuine expressions of fear and surprise that man has ever known. The culprit? A cell phone ring tone that sounded like a train horn.

Photo: Coach Nick Saban at the All State Sugar Bowl – Alabama v Ohio State

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