COVID-19 protocols within the NBA could become much more strict after a memo was sent out to inform the league’s 30 teams of the potential new regulations. The memo stated that the rules are subject to ongoing talks with the National Basketball Players Association, but the guidelines suggest that vaccinated and unvaccinated players will have very different lives during the coming season.

What does this mean for vaccinated players? Vaccinated players will have a much more relaxed experience off the court. They will only be tested if they come in contact with a person who tested positive, or if they have symptoms. However, they will be able to go about their training, meals, bus rides and airplane travel normally.  

For unvaccinated players, COVID-19 testing will occur every time these players practice or play in a game. Social distancing will be required during team meals, and they may be required to sit away from teammates on the bus and airplane. Unvaccinated players will also have to quarantine for seven days if they come in contact with a positive person.   

The new rules from NBA will add further pressure for all players to get vaccinated. 

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