After all of his exploits, Marshawn Lynch appears to be getting more attention from the media then he wants to. After receiving up to $120,000 in fines over the last two season, it appears Lynch has sort of learned his lesson: as he will now show up to the media interviews, but will proceed to troll all of the reporters during the allotted time.

This past December he became famous for using a variation of the same phrase to answer every question: “Thanks for asking. I appreciate it.”

Well during yesterday’s Super Bowl media day, Lynch did the same exact thing: but this time his answer was in response to the NFL’s willingness to fine him so easily.

He started off the press conference by telling them that he will only respond with “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” And proceeded to tell the reporters they were wasting their time: which is likely since he repeated the phrase 29 times.

Technically, even though he gave one phrase responses, he fulfilled his media requirement and the NFL should not be able to punish him: but still, Roger Goodell cannot be happy at all with the brashness of the player known as Beast Mode.

As a result, players around the NFL and even celebrities have come out of the woodworks to support the star athlete on Twitter.