Marshawn Lynch, one of the most powerful and dominant running backs in NFL history, has decided to retire… or so it seems?

After spending time in Seattle and winning a championship alongside star quarterback Russell Wilson, Lynch decided to return home to Oakland and finish his career with the Raiders. As time went on, the Raiders had entered the rebuilding stage of their dynasty.

IS Raiders’ Lynch RetirING

The team got a new coach Jon Gruden, also known as the quarterback whisperer, has a great offensive mind and is looking to turn things around in Oakland.

Lynch has always been known for big power runs, as well as some of the most impressive playoff runs that we’ve ever seen in pro football. Sadly enough, Gruden looks to go in a new direction for the team and he’s looking for a running back in the Draft.


The Raiders loved having Lynch on the team — I mean, who wouldn’t? — but when you’re trying to rebuild a franchise, there’s no point in giving him the reps that could be used on a younger talent.

Lynch, known by many as “Beast Mode,” is also known for doing charitable deeds in his community through the Fam 1St Family Foundation, which he spearheads alongside several other NFL stars like Marcus Peters and Joshua Johnson. Lynch also made an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher earlier this year.

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