Everyone knows the biggest name on free agency has to be Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh: the always-controversial player has gained 36 sacks and 181 tackles in five seasons with the Lions. But the team was unable to franchise him because it would have cost them $26.9 million to do so. Obviously, the tag would keep him only for a year and would be a waste of resources.

But he and his agent have expressed their want to stay in Detroit if the money is right: and at the moment, Suh’s agent Jimmy Sexton is actively negotiating a deal with Detroit’s front office. And the Lions have expressed throughout the 2014 season that they believe a long-term deal can be reached with the star DT.

In the meantime, the fans idly wait to hear the good or bad news. Diehard fans do not usually use this time productively. So an unnamed group has bought multiple billboards around the Detroit and Grand Rapids area that simply state, “$UH?”

These billboards were posted Tuesday afternoon following the announcement that the Lions will not franchise him. While the name of the group responsible for these signs is unknown, the company that owns the space, Outfront Media, stated that this is the same group that posted “Detroit Lyin'” around the city following the loss to the Cowboys in the playoffs.

Expect to hear more about Suh in the coming days: Lions would probably want a deal done before March 10 or they would have to allow the famous defensive tackle to test free agency.

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