In what probably sounded way deeper in his head than on paper, Kevin Durant decided to tweet statements questioning the worth of Twitter. Now, this is not the first time Durant has had a problem on or with Twitter: back in October, he caught flack for using a gay slur in the past and has even been known to fight with random fans.

But this seemingly random existential crisis about the social media giant went on for about fifteen minutes: then Durant simply ended it with the statement “Oh well, just thinking out loud.”

As for the actual tweets, here are the five odd tweets from last year’s MVP.

These tweets have created so many questions: where was when he thought this? Why did he write this? Is he a modern philosopher? And is he not reinforcing the worth of Twitter, if he himself is questioning it through the social media site?

Who knows, but you can watch Kevin Durant play basketball on Thursday night when his Oklahoma City Thunder take on the Houston Rockets.

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