It wasn’t a surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos 43-16, but it was a surprise how they did it. Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes had a fairly mediocre night only throwing for 200 yards and one touchdown pass, but the Chiefs found points in other places.

What has been a big surprise for Kansas City this year has been the exceptional play of their defense and it really shined today forcing quarterback Drew Locke into two interceptions and a fumble. “We have to absorb the hurt and the disappointment and then by Wednesday, when we come back in and start our preparation of the next week, it has to be flushed out and we have to get rolling,” head coach Vic Fangio said.

The Chiefs are seemingly wading their way through the regular season winning games when they feel like it and will really turn it on in January. But, the development that they have seen on the defensive side of the ball in just the past year should terrify other AFC championship hopefuls.

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