The New York Jets signed quarterback Trevor Siemian to their practice squad Tuesday, drawing mixed reactions from fans (and Joe Namath) seeking a permanent reprieve from the struggling Zach Wilson. Siemian, a veteran with 7,000 career passing yards, may not be the answer to New York’s quarterback problems, but he did have encouraging words for the young starter as he looks to get his feet back under him.

“Zach gets it, he knows there’s no pressure like the pressure you put on yourself,” Siemian told reporters Wednesday. “Zach’s wired the right way it seems, still getting to know him. I don’t think you think about that. I think Zach is doing a good job.”

Ever since Aaron Rodgers’ Week 1 injury, fans and analysts alike have expected the Jets to pick up a backup quarterback, and these expectations have only intensified with each of Wilson’s starts. In Weeks 2 and 3, the 2021 first-round pick has thrown four interceptions and has not yet managed to reach 200 yards.

When asked if the team, now 1-2, would fare better if he were still under center, Rodgers admitted that he could have prevented some of the team’s mishaps. But despite his injury and absence, the former Packers quarterback stressed that there was hope for the team.

“I feel like if I was there, some of those things wouldn’t be happening,” Rodgers said. “Not sure we’d be 3-0, I don’t know. I’d like to think there’s a possibility of that. It’s more the side stuff that I don’t like. I want to see us stick together through the tough times.”

Head coach Robert Saleh welcomed Siemian to the team soon after he was signed, claiming that he was the right choice to lead the practice squad. The coach has come under heavy fire, however, for his persistent loyalty to Wilson. The team’s defense has reportedly expressed its dissatisfaction and fans of the team have been vocal in the stands at MetLife Stadium.

“We all acknowledge he has to play better,” Saleh said Wednesday. “We all acknowledge that. He acknowledges it, teammates acknowledge it, he acknowledges it himself, but the key is to have confidence in yourself. You have to.”

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