Jessica Long, Paralympic Swimmer, Reveals Her… by uSports

Jessica Long may not be a household name, but she should be: the 12-time gold medal winner for Paralympic swimming has probably the most inspirational upbringing you are likely to hear. Born in Siberia, Long was adopted from an orphanage by American parents and brought to the U.S. She was diagnosed with fibular hemimelia: resulting in the amputation of both of her lower legs. It was a hard grueling battle, but she eventually learned to walk with he prosthetics: and her drive compelled her to try out sports, most importantly swimming.

With sheer will and dedication, she has become a dominant force in Paralympic swimming. “I’m out at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs and everything is based on your training and schedule,” Long told uSports. “I’m in the pool every morning from 7 to 9, and then definitely breakfast is very important after. Right after that I go back and nap. After napping, we lift weights for an hour, and then after weights we have another two-hour practice, and after that practice we usually finish off the night with yoga or pilates and then I’m in bed at like 9 o’clock.”

How does Long endure this pace? “You really got to love it,” she said. “If you don’t love it, it can feel like the day goes on forever. But I love it, I love what I do, I love getting stronger every day and feeling the difference.”


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