J.J. Watt is apparently in a defiant mood after the NFL requested that he take a drug test during the offseason. Watt announced his retirement in December and humorously dismissed the NFL’s request.


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“I don’t know what happens when you click ‘Report Junk’ but I think I’m about to find out,” Watt joked on Twitter.

NFL’s random drug test policy has been the subject of humorous criticism for years, as the league has often been accused of targeting the best players after impressive performances. This is certainly not the first time that Watt, a three-time Defensive Player of the Year award winner, has had to undergo testing, but it may be the most perplexing instance.

Watt may have inadvertently provided a hint as to why the NFL has continued contacting him when he shared his thoughts about Tom Brady’s retirement. Responding to a story reporting that Brady submitted a letter to the league to make it official, Watt expressed surprise despite having announced his own retirement weeks prior.

“I was unaware there was paperwork,” Watt tweeted. “Definitely not gonna fill that out, but definitely retired.”

Beyond his humorous dismissals of the NFL, Watt has shared plenty on Twitter of his life after football. He has posted many photos of his wife, Kealia Ohai, as well as their newborn son, Koa, who appeared at Watt’s final NFL home game for the Arizona Cardinals in December.

In addition to a focus on his family life, Watt explained during his retirement announcement that he simply did not want to continue subjecting himself to the stresses of life as an NFL player.

“I’ve known for a little while. It’s the right time. It feels like the right time,” Watt told NFL.com. “I’ve put so much into the game and the wins and the losses, the mental stress and passion that comes with it, it just weighs on you. It’s heavy, I mean it’s really heavy.”

In 12 NFL seasons, 10 of which were with the Houston Texans, Watt made it to the Pro Bowl five times in addition to his three DPoY awards. He earned 114.5 career sacks.

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