In a move that was essential, Indianapolis Colts linebacker Josh McNary was placed on the commissioner exempt list with Roger Goodell’s permission: meaning he will be paid, but is unable to play in Sunday’s conference game, practice or even travel with the team.

The mainly special teams athlete from West Point, who has previously served two years on active military duty, was charged yesterday with “rape, criminal confinement with bodily injury and battery.” The night called into question was December 1, where supposedly a physical altercation took place between him and the victim, which was prior to the alleged sexual assault: it was reported that a nurse found dry blood behind her ear as well as observed other sustained injuries.

On top of this, ESPN reported that the police determined it was McNary after the victim took a cell phone from his residence. And when the cops arrived at the defendant’s apartment, McNary oddly preserved evidence because he knew the cops would come. Now, this could speak to the linebacker’s innocence, however, the cops still found enough evidence to proceed with the criminal charges. Obviously, since the charges were filed, Josh’s lawyer has released a statement staunchly speaking of his client’s innocence.

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Still the commissioner and the Colts have done a great job of reacting to and answering the allegations: placing the defendant immediately on the exempt list until the criminal process and the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy investigation have run their course. As a result of the incident, the Colts added wide receiver Griff Whalen to the active roster and defensive end Gannon Conway to its practice squad.

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