Jaden Rashada of Pittsburgh, California is the first high school football player to profit from endorsements since the NCAA changed their rules this summer. Previously, Rashada would not have been able to play collegiately if he accepted money from endorsements. He is be making a four-figure sum to promote the “Athletes In Recruitment” app, by posting on social media.

“It feels pretty good,” Rashada told ESPN. “Maybe it can open up more opportunities for others and people can be more aware of it. It’s a blessing to be able to make some money and promote a good brand.”

James Sackville, AIR’s founder and former punter at SMU, created the app last year to help streamline the recruitment process for athletes, anyone who is advising them and college coaches.

“There’s no better person to talk about recruiting than someone who has recently gone through the process or is currently going through the process,” Sackville said. “It’s been a resounding success so far, and after talking with Jaden it was a literal no-brainer to work with him.”

California is one of five states that allow high schoolers to make money off endorsements, and Rashada says he made sure to do his research to understand what was allowed in California. He also retained an adviser, Ethan Weinstein, to help him.

Rashada is currently ranked in the top 5 quarterbacks, and is the best dual-threat quarterback, in the 2023 recruiting class. He hasn’t committed to a college yet but told ESPN that he will not make his decision based on where he can make the most money of NIL deals. Offers have already come in from Auburn, Arizona State, Oklahoma, Penn State, UCLA and Oregon.

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