So it appears that Drew Brees had an interesting night on Conan. As the obvious talking point Deflate-Gate was brought up, his response was priceless, “I know it seems that the NFL has been on this one for the last few weeks… to be honest, I kind of chuckle because I’m just glad it has nothing to do with us.” He was referring to the Saints bounty scandal, which led to the suspension of coach Sean Payton, linebacker Jonathan Vilma and a multitude of other players.

In response, Conan O’Brien asked would you feel the difference in the ball during a game, which Brees replied no because in the heat of the moment you are not thinking about that. However, if he was justing sitting around, it would be fairly easy. So the talk show host’s obvious response was to bring out balls with different variation of air pressure for Brees to guess, which he guessed all of them exactly right.

But the funniest part was when Brees attempted to throw one of the balls to a New Orleans Saints fan in the crowd: he decided to throw one with a bit of an arc, nailing one of the very expensive lights — there was no indication it was broken, as glass did not fall, yet it certainly did not sound good. The image of him standing with his head slumped after the loud bang and the ball coming directly back to his feet is hilarious.

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